Thank you for choosing us as your driver training instructors, the following is information that we are required by law to present to you as per “Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.” We would recommend reading the following information to enlighten you about our guidelines & standards thus avoiding any confusion at a later date.


1 Hour Evaluation $ 85.70 + GST = $ 90.00
1.5 Hour Refresher $ 128.60 + GST = $ 135.00
6 Hour Package $ 514.30 + GST = $ 540.00
10 Hour Package $ 857.14 + GST = $ 900.00
Fees are payable by cash or cheque or e-transfer before Day One driving commences.


Aside from Day One and the necessary paperwork involved, the student can expect to have 55 – 60 full minutes of driving and instruction time.
Lesson charges and instruction times begin at the agreed-upon meeting time; student tardiness will shorten their lesson time.
Any missed lesson, without 48 hours prior notice, will have a full lesson service charge added and will be rebooked by the Academy at our convenience.


Instruction & training has been found to be the best in a one-on-one atmosphere. Additional passengers may be allowed at the instructor’s discretion.


We no longer incude use of our vehicle for the road test, students will use a vehicle provided by others.


A student may quit the course at any time with no explanation or reason required, BUT the package fees do not then apply and any instructional time already covered will be charged at the full hourly rate, A $50 office fee will also be levied.


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